POP2SSL pop3 client configuration

In order to use the POP2SSL proxy service oyu need to configure your email client software or POP3 downloader to connect to your own server instead of to the actual POP3-SSL server that you want to reach. Use "localhost", "" or your own computer's network name here. Instead of IP port 110 you'd configure your client software to connect to the special IP port 1110 - POP2SSL works on that port by default to avoid conflict with other POP3 services. To tell POP2SSL which POP3(-SSL) server to actually contact you need to configure the user name field in your client software in a specifiy way: Instead of just the username use the format "servername|portnumber|username" (fields separated by the pipe sign "|").

This is how your configuration could look before and after using POP2SSL:

Before using POP2SSL:

Servername: pop.mydomain.com

IP port: 110

Username: myusername

After switching to POP2SSL:

Servername: localhost

IP port: 1110

Username: pop.mydomain.com|995|myusername

In this example POP2SSL would be contacted by your POP3 client via unencrypted standard POP3 on port 1110 and POP2SSL would then connect through to "pop.mydomain.com" on IP port 995 (default for SSL POP3 connections) and log in as user "myusername" and then connect the two ends.