Internet connection/dialup settings in POPcon NOTES

Screenshot of internet connection settings in POPcon PRO

When POPcon NOTES retrieves mail it needs to connect to the internet. You can choose between two different connection schemes:

Direct Connection: POPcon NOTES tries to connect to POP3 and IMAP servers directly without using the dial-up networking settings. Use this option if you are connected to the internet via a router or another computer.

Dial-Up Connection: Use this option if you want POPcon NOTES to dial up to the internet using one of the dial-up accounts you already configured on the POPcon NOTES server computer.

POPcon NOTES needs to have the following information to use dial-up networking:

Connection to use: The Dial-Up networking account you want POPcon NOTES to use for dialing into the internet. Attention: You can only use the dial-up accounts configured on the computer POPcon NOTES Server runs on, not the Accounts the computer you use POPcon Admin from might have.

Username: To keep the standard dial-up networking from asking you (probably at the server terminal) for the username and password of the dial-up account it is about to dial, POPcon NOTES needs to know the username and password of that account as well.

Password: See Username

Do not disconnect…: Leaves connection active after POPcon NOTES finishes downloading mail

Trigger mail when dial-up connection active: Allows POPcon NOTES to utilize an already open internet connection. POPcon NOTES will check periodically if the specified connection is already opened by another program. If so, it will download new mail periodically. Please also enter the number of minutes POPcon NOTES waits between two mail retrievals.

Trigger mail retrieval when ANY connection active: Triggers mail retrieval also when ANY other internet connection is open, not only the one specified on top of this dialog.

Apart from the dial up networking configuration you need to configure the proxy server you are using (if you are connecting through a proxy). This setting is used for the downloads of the antivirus and license updates.